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  • Minimakers on The Straits Times!

    We are elated to have been featured by The Straits Times recently. This was a second of a 28-part series in collaboration with DBS. In addition to ...
  • Mentions by Faerie Tales

      We love to hear stories of how you introduced our beeswax wraps into your home! Our own journey on less waste started when we made our first w...
  • Zero Waste for 7 Days by Matter Prints

    Get your wax wrap from I’ve tested several (at least 5) different brands of wax wraps from those based in Singapore to ones from the US and Australia – and this is by far my favourite!
  • Sustenir Life: An Honest Look at Minimakers Beeswax Wrap

    A big thank you to Kaye Villar from Sustenir Life who shared her perspective on our beeswax wraps.

    If you are on the fence and not quite sure how it works or whether it'd be suitable for you - don't take our word for it, check out her user journey!

  • Missy Messy x Minimakers: From Scrap to Wrap

    We are proud to announce our latest collaboration effort with Missy Messy.

    Since our meeting, we have been working hard to bring you limited edition wraps that are upcycled from Missy Messy's fabric scraps. We hand picked the most iconic prints and turned them into sustainable, the most cheery artisanal beeswax wraps.

  • Mini Tips: Making The Most of Your Beeswax Wraps

    Tips to making the most out of your beeswax wraps: Minimise contact with acidic fruits (place these in a bowl and cover with wrap) Use soaps only ...
  • Minimakers Beeswax Mending Bars: Make It Cling!

    Our mending bars comes in 60g block and is good for DIY of approximately four new medium sized wraps or mend more old ones. Ingredients: beeswax, t...