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Zero Waste for 7 Days by Matter Prints

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Grateful to Matter Prints for the mention of our small business.

Read one of their member's first hand experience trying to live a zero waste lifestyle for 7 days in Singapore. Here's a look at the challenges, tips, and tricks in trying to go zero waste in a busy city where people values efficiency and convenience.

We hope it will inspire you to take on this challenge too!  

Ps. we are so stoked to hear that they love our wraps!

"...Get your wax wrap from I’ve tested several (at least 5) different brands of wax wraps from those based in Singapore to ones from the US and Australia – and this is by far my favourite! It closes well and doesn’t leave too much sticky residue when you use it to cover bowls and jars. Also #supportlocal whenever you can..."

Read the artical here.

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