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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!

Our wholesale pricing is available for minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 30 items and above. 

Product Wholesale Price* (S$/pc) Retail Price (S$/pc)
S 8x8in / 20.3x20.3cm $5.80 $9.90
M 10x10in / 25.4x25.4cm $7.10 $11.90
L 12x12in / 30.5x30.5cm $8.30 $13.90
XL 18x18in / 45.7x45.7cm
$15.00 $24.90
Mending Bar 60g $10.10 $16.90
*Prices are NOT inclusive of delivery. Delivery fee will be charged at cost.

Besides selling our Minimakers branded product, we also sell our products white labelled. These partnerships allows brand owners to experiment with this new category and (or) simply outsource production so you can remain focused on your core business or products.

For our white label products, we provide fabric and packaging customisation, as well as waxing services for your own fabrics.

Do reach out to us, we would be glad to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

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