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Who We Are

Kai a Minimakers

Kai, Founder


My name is Kai, founder at Minimakers.

We are a local maker of small batch artisanal beeswax wraps. These unique premium wraps help to replace the need for plastic food wraps.  Each of our ingredients are carefully sourced and lovingly handcrafted locally in Singapore.

Every wrap is created, quality checked and packed at our studio.

How it all began.

Our journey started mid-2018 when we were searching for things we could do to minimise plastic waste at home. We came across beeswax wraps on the internet and were intrigued. The manufacturing journey was not all smooth sailing, we've ruined many pots and pans, and an iron or two.

After months of testing and tweaking of oils, resin, fabrics and beeswax suppliers we finally found a recipe we were happy with! Our wrap clings well, is washable, durable, and also feels nice to the touch. It keeps sourdough bread soft, vegetables fresh, and slows down fruits and avocados from browning.

Our goal.

Starting Minimakers is truly my personal dream come true. We stay committed to being Singapore's no. 1 beeswax wrap supplier.

Along the way we promise to share products from other makers that we find awesome and life changing after testing it in our own home. Our hope is that we will spark an interest to get you started on your own eco-friendly journey.

By choosing our beeswax wraps, you are participating in a global movement to save our earth.

Our Stores.

Our products are available via our stockists and online.


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