Minimakers Team

Working with the Autism Resource Center we have trained and welcomed two artisans into our family. While we can't enjoy the usual office gossips and chit chats, we bond quietly over each person's favourite snacks and soda.


Self appointed sales, marketing, finance, procurement, and creative lead.

Kai finds joy in creating and home improvement projects. Powered by cats, connection, and coffee.

Chief Bee


Our head of production.

Jacey loves to travel, spending time with family, and friends. She's our pillar of wisdom and source of laughter.


The Boss


Becky cuts fabrics faster than anyone we know.

A foodie who loves cooking shows - she is powered by apple, orange, and kiwi.

Master Fabric Cutter


MX can pack a bulk order in one sitting without breaking a sweat.

She is an artist who loves drawing foxes and Korean drama. Powered by oreo and milo.

Master Packer & Organiser