Guide to Turning Your Food Waste into Compost in Singapore

May 19, 2021 3 min read

compost is a natural enrichment for your soil and can be done by urban dweller in Singapore

Singapore is known as the Garden City, but the concept of urban farming has only gained traction in recent years. As gardening and sustainable living grows in popularity amongst city dwellers, so does composting. 

But before we dive into composting, let us first emphasize that there is a difference between food waste and food scraps.

Food Waste

Refers to food items that could have been consumed if better managed. It is one of the biggest waste streams in Singapore. The best way to minimise food waste in your home is to buy only what you can consume and practice good food storage and preparation habits. Beeswax wrap is an effective way to help households reduce food waste.

Food Scraps

Are the unavoidable waste products from food preparation such as carrot peelings, apple cores, meat trimmings, bones.

Now that we understand the difference between food waste and food scraps, let’s get into the wonderful world of composting.

What is composting?

Composting is a process in which organic material gets broken down by bacteria and microorganism via decomposition. The by-product of composting is compost which is a nutrient rich additive for plants & garden.


food waste food scraps for composting

Why should I compost in Singapore?

Composting is a simple way you can manage waste in your home and horticultural waste in your garden. While all our waste in Singapore gets incinerated, composting your food scraps at home is a great way to teach your kids about food waste, reduce burdens on our waste management system and energy consumption.

Compost is also a valuable soil additive. It improves drainage, is nutrients-rich and help your plants grow better.

Can I compost if I live in a HDB / condominium?

Absolutely! If you have a small outdoor space and a little time on your hand you can explore these composting methods: 

compost tumbler

Compost Tumblers

Uses aerobic processes. Ideal for city dweller who have a small space to house the tumblers. Low maintenance and efficient in hot country like Singapore.

worm tower vermicomposting


Uses worms to break down organic matter. This process makes the most nutrient rich compost but requires regular maintenance as with all living things.

Bokashi bin and bran


Uses fermentation and can be done indoors. The by-product of fermentation process still needs to be buried into soil or composted.

get connected and donate your food scraps to composters in singapore

Donate your food scraps

No time or space for composting? Get connected with likeminded groups of compost makers who can collect scraps from you.



What can & cannot be composted?

The rule of thumb is that if it is made from natural organic material, it is compostable. However, there are things we do not recommend for home composting like meat, dairy, and pet waste as these tend to attract critters and bad odour.

what can you compost and what can you not compost?

*May attract pests and create odour

Can I compost old beeswax wraps?

Yes! Beeswax wraps are made from 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients. Unlike plastic cling wraps which does not decompose and releases potentially harmful chemical as they break down in the environment.

Cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin and beeswax are organic compounds and will decompose in approximately 3-6 months.

When should I compost my beeswax wraps?

When your wrap no longer clings or is damaged due to harsh scrubbing or hot water, you can cut them into small pieces and place into your compost bin.

Alternatively, consider these options before composting your beeswax wraps:

  • Are your fabrics in good condition?
    If so, try repairing them with our mending bars.
  • Do you go camping or plan on having a barbeque?
    Try turning your old wraps into fire starters by cutting them into strips and rolling them into a ball then light.

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