How to Keep Your Vegetables Fresh

May 12, 2021 2 min read

Minimakers Beeswax Wrap with Vegetables

We've all heard how beeswax wraps can keep your vegetables fresh for longer. But how well do our wraps really perform? To satisfy our curiosity, we put Minimakers wraps to the test. 

The problem of saran wraps & plastic containers

Bok choy is a well loved staple in Singapore but often we end up with wilted greens because we don't get to them fast enough.

Using single-use plastic wrap suffocates your fresh produce and traps natural gases they emit inside resulting in condensation which breeds bacteria and mold resulting in food waste.

Can our wraps really keep the bok choy perky while allowing them to breathe?

The simple solution of beeswax wraps

 The solution can't be any simpler. Place your vegetables in beeswax wraps and wrap them securely then place in the refrigerator. Minimakers beeswax wraps are made with natural ingredients carefully selected for their unique qualities.

  • BEESWAX: Anti-bacterial, water & air resistant.
  • TREE RESIN: Tacky, superior cling.
  • JOJOBA OIL: Pliable, long lifespan.
  • COTTON: All natural, durable material.

Our beeswax wraps replaces the need for single-use plastic wrap that is both beautiful, good for you and the planet.

With our wraps, your bok choy is protected by the wax layer that help retain their moisture and releases natural gases emitted so they do not build up and spoil your vegetables.

Minimakers designer beeswax wrap fabrics in cheetah dragronfruit print

Photo: Minimakers assorted designer beeswax wraps


Our Experiment: Do Beeswax Wrap Really Work?

We put two bunches of bok choy to the test. One was kept naked and the other wrapped in Minimakers beeswax wrap. Both are then placed in the refrigerator.

After 5 days, we check-in on our greens and see how they fare. The vegetable that was left uncovered has wilted and was inedible while the one wrapped in our beeswax wraps are still fresh and perky.

Video: Minimakers beeswax wrap challenge on YouTube

Convinced? Here are the recommended sizes for your greens.

We recommend large size wraps for storing herbs and smaller greens. They can be folded into wax bags or rolled up. Our extra large wraps are great for big items like bunches of bok choy, spinach, kale, or broccoli.

With Minimakers beeswax wraps we can reduce food waste in our home.

Minimakers x Fabricity Liberty Printed Wraps in Large
Minimakers x Fabricity Liberty printed beeswax wrap design

Have you experienced the benefits of using Minimakers beeswax wraps?

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